Over the years a number of Smart Converter Pro customers have asked about using Smart Converter Pro to reduce the file size of converted videos.

With Smart Converter Pro we decided early on to make the product a simple and 'smart' converter with close to no settings or choices to me made when converting videos.

All we do with Smart Converter Pro is ask the user to nominate which device the converted video is to be played on and we will take care of the rest.

When looking to reduce the file size of a video there are really just two settings to consider - bit rate and resolution.  In order to reduce file size you need to reduce one or both of these parameters.  As soon as you push these parameters down, video quality will drop.

We don't support this option with Smart Converter Pro because our objective is to produce the highest quailty output possible from the provided file, for playing on the nominated device.

If you do need to start manipulating video quality we recommend that you look into using Apple's highly capable Compressor, which is part of the Final Cut Pro suite, but available for purchase separately.  Allow for a solid day of reading and tutorials to get up to speed on the complexities of video formats and you will be an expert in video conversion in no time. 

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