If you see a message saying your App is damaged don't panic. 

How do you fix it? Just uninstall the app, restart your computer and then just go download the app again from the Mac App store. You won't be charged again to download it again. Just make sure you're signed into the Mac App store with the same Apple ID you bought it with.

Not sure how to uninstall an app? For Instructions on how to uninstall apps, click here.

Shedworx Apps that might show this message:

  • Smart Converter Pro
  • Music Converter Pro
  • miDVD
  • MovieShare for OSX

Read about possible causes here and here.

Smart Converter Pro Version 1 Users

If you were using version 1 of Smart Converter Pro make sure you look in your purchased items to download it again. Click on the Purchased Tab in the App store, locate Smart Converter Pro in the list and then click install. If it's not in your purchased list, make sure you're signed into the App store with the account you originally bought it with. If you still don't see it email support.