Once you have successfully set up Smart Converter Pro to publish your videos to the macOS TV app, you can watch those videos directly on your Mac, or on an Apple TV.

You can read all about our suggestions for setting up Smart Converter Pro with the macOS TV app here: Using Smart Converter Pro with the TV app.

In order to link your Apple TV to a media library on a Mac, here's what to do.

iCloud Accounts

The Apple TV and Mac linking is all driven by using the same iCloud account on your Mac and the Apple TV.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the Mac and Apple TV are signed in to iCloud using the same iCloud account.

Mac Setup

On the Mac running the macOS TV app with your video library just go to System Preferences->Sharing and set up Home Sharing.

Apple TV Setup

Once you have Home Sharing enabled, you can go to any Apple TV on your local network and click on the orange laptop icon and your library should appear!

From here you can browse and play any videos in your library.