Scanning Photos

If you wish to scan some old photos and add them to your photo library, you want them to appear against the correct date, not against the day you loaded them. You may not know the exact date, but a guess is better than them being loaded against today's date. To update your scanned photos, it is suggested to process them as follows:

- Select all the photos for a specific date.

- Select the "Edit -> Copy/Increment Dates" menu option.

- Select the "Action to perform" as "Set to Date/Time and Increment", and enter the date and time in the date field below. Leave "Increment by Minute" selected which adds a minute to the time for each successive photo.

- For the "Fields to Update", select all the date.

- Select the timezone for the location where the photos your taken.

The updated dates will be shown in the table below to show the dates used. Using the increment ensure the photos will appear in the correct order when viewed in your photo library.

Click on the OK button to update the dates for the selected photos.