Smart Player has four categories for videos:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Home Videos
  • Other

Categorising is starts by analysing the file name and then a second check of some key properties of the file itself. Smart player looks for common patterns in the filename to decide if it's a TV Show or a Movie first. If those patterns aren't found then it will decide if it's likely to be a Home Video and if it's not a Home Video it will be categorised as Other.


Movie files need the title and the release year in the file name to give them the best chance of being categorised properly and of finding the correct artwork.

Example: Toy.Story.1995.mp4

TV Shows

TV Shows need the title, the season number and episode number in the file name.

Example: Game.Of.Thrones.S03E06.mp4

The above pattern is the best one to use but Smart Player recognises many patterns used for naming TV Shows.

If the TV Show doesn't have a unique name because it's a remake of an older show or just shares the same name as another show it needs to include the release year in the file name as well. If it doesn't include the release year it will default to the show with the later release year.


For the original MacGyver TV Show it should have files named "MacGyver.1985.S01E10.mp4"

For the 2016 remake of MacGyver files should be named "MacGyver.2016.S01E10.mp4"

Home Video

A file will be categorised as a Home Video if its filename doesn't match a TV Show or Video and it has other properties such as iPhone metadata or has a common camera prefix such as IMG or DSC in its filename.

Home Videos that were filmed on the same date are grouped together.


This is the category for any video that isn't likely to be a Movie, TV Show or Home Video.