One of the great features of Smart Converter Pro is the automatic metadata search. 

When you add a file, it automatically detects if it is a TV Show or Movie and then searches for the artwork and other metadata for that file.

Sometimes you get no results though. This is usually because the file is named in an obscure way. Smart Converter Pro analyses the file name to determine if it is a TV Show or Movie. It can match many patterns but sometimes it just can't figure things out. These are the most reliable naming patterns to use for TV Shows and Movies.

TV Shows

Name the file with this pattern: Show.Name.S??E??

Example: Game.of.Thrones.S02E07

The 'S' represents the Season and the 'E' represents the episode number of that season.

Special Episodes

Some TV shows have special episodes that air out of season or in between seasons.  For special episodes you need to use the season number '00' and then look up what the episode number is on the the TV Show's page on under the specials section for that TV Show. 

A good example of a show where this occurs is with Doctor Who (2005). It has Christmas specials that fall outside of season numbering.

The 2014 Christmas special for Doctor who would need to be named: Doctor.Who.2005.S00E142


Name the file with this pattern: Movie.Title.<release year>

Example: Toy.Story.1995