The Folder Monitoring feature enables you to set up one or more monitored folders. Any files that you put in a monitored folder are automatically converted using the conversion option that you chose when set up the folder. To begin, select Folder Monitoring > Setup Monitoring from the menu or use the shortcut ⌘+S (Command + S) to open the Folder Monitoring window.

To set up you need to specify:

  • a monitored folder - Smart Converter Pro 'watches' this folder for new movie files to convert;
  • a destination folder - your converted files are created in this folder;
  • a conversion type - the conversion type applied to this monitored folder; and,
  • a threshold value - the minimum duration of any movie that will be converted. Movies shorter than this (like ads and sample movies) are ignored.
After you've set those options click the Add Folder button to complete the setup.

If you need to disable folder monitoring just un-check the Enable Folder Monitoring option at the top.