1. Move your cursor over the poster image and the Information icon appears.
    2. Click the icon to reveal the movie or TV show details, video and audio tracks, subtitle files and advanced conversion options.
    3. Click the poster image again to go back.

    Use the Information, Tracks, Subtitles and Advanced buttons to display all the options


    The Information section displays all the movie or TV show information that Smart Converter Pro has automatically generated based on your source file's name. You can change the poster image and manually edit the program title, episode title and season/episode number.

    If the information is incorrect, click Find Info to search for alternative information.


    The Tracks section displays the source file's video and audio tracks. You can deselect tracks that you don't require in your converted file. For example, some movies contain multiple language tracks that you may not require.

    Deselecting unnecessary tracks will make your conversion faster and result in a smaller converted file size.


    The Subtitles section displays your source file's internal subtitles (if it has any). You can deselect subtitles that you don't require in your converted file.

    This section also allows you to drag in any external subtitle files that you may have for the movie or TV show, and search for subtitle files by language.


    The Advanced section gives you the option to force the resolution of your converted file, and to force Smart Converter Pro to convert all streams (video and audio) in the source file, regardless of whether conversion is required for the chosen output format. This will result in the slowest conversion speed.