Once a game has been completed you need to finalise and save the game.

This step saves the game away so that it can be used to generate a game report at a later time.

To end a game, tap on End Game on the Game Time screen, when the clock is stopped.

This will bring up the End Game screen which allows you to enter a few details:

  1. Home Team: this is taken from your own team name, but you can change it here if required;
  2. Home Team score: the final score, in points, of your team;
  3. Away Team: the name of the team you played;
  4. Away Team score: the away team's score, in points; and
  5. Date: this allows you to set the date for the game, if you are finalising the game a few days after it completed.

The only mandatory field here is Home Team name, which is already set when you enter the screen.

Once you tap OK you will see a final confirmation alert to make sure you want to end the game.  There is no way to re-activate a completed game.