The Game Time screen is the heart of the Interchange app and has been designed to make the management of game time as easy and simple as possible.

The only purpose of the Game Time screen is to manage player time on the field.  It is not for tracking player stats or managing on-field placements and roles.  It's just for game time.

List Sorting

The Game Time screen has two sections - on-field and off-field.  Each section is sorted the same way, by player game time.  This sorting shows players in a logical way with those due to come off down the bottom of the on-field area and those due to go on next at the top of the off-field area.

Player Count

When you have the correct number of players on the field, the outer border area of Interchange is coloured Black, to show that numbers are correct.

If you don't have enough players on the border will display Yellow.

If you have too many players on the field, the border will be Red.

The total number of players on the field is always displayed in the middle of the bottom status area of the screen.

Transition Mode

Once you tap on a player to take them on or off, the status of the player changes immediately and their individual timer starts or stops as required.  At this point the player is put into transition mode with and up or down arrow showing that they are coming on or off as required.

The Game Time screen switches to transition mode at this point and will re-sort after 5 seconds.

The purpose of transition mode is to leave players in the same spot on the screen as substitutions area carried out.  Without transition mode, players would be jumping up and down the screen as you did the rotations, which is quite unusable.

The Clock

You start and stop the Game Time clock by simply tapping the Start/Stop button.

When the clock is stopped, you can tap on the timer area to adjust the time.  Time can be adjusted up or down to correct any timing error.