Interchange includes a number of Settings to help you customise Interchange to your team or competitions requirements.

The only setting available on the free version of Interchange is Team Size.  This setting controls how the Game Time screen displays team status.

The following settings are available under the Pro Upgrade for Interchange:

  • Minimum Game Time: the minimum amount of time each player is required to spend on the field for a game;
  • Game Duration: the expected duration of a game.  This setting controls when alerts are displayed on the Game Time screen;
  • Yellow Card: when this is off, only simple exclusions are available.  When this is on, the Red and Yellow card system is activated;
  • Exclusion Time: the amount of time a Yellow Card remains active for and the amount of time a team has to play short after a Red Card event;
  • Sort Player Lists: controls how players are listed on the Team lists;
  • Game Time sorting: this controls how players are listed on the Game Time screen.  The following options are available:
    • Auto: players are listed according to their time on the field. Within each section (on-field and off-field) those players with the least game time are sorted to the top of the area;
    • Name: players are sorted by name at all times;
    • Number: players are sorted by their number at all times;
  • Stopped clock flashing: some people find the stopped clock flashing on the Game Time screen annoying.  This turns it off;
  • Dual screen: Interchange can display two teams at once.  If you need to do this, switch this on and choose the two teams to be used.