The Interchange Game Report is a simple CSV file (which can be opened in Excel) containing key details of the selected Completed Game.

The data is also uploaded to the cloud, excluding First Name, Last Name and DOB.

The follow data is included:

  • Home Team: the team name of the first team;
  • Game Date: day the game took place;
  • Game Start: the exact time the Start button was tapped to start the game;
  • Required Game %: the minimum amount of time required for each player for this game;
  • Planned Game Duration: the expected duration of the game;
  • Actual Game Duration: the exact duration of the game;
  • Game ID: a unique ID for the game, generated by Interchange;
  • User ID: a unique ID for this iPad, generated by Interchange;
  • Team One area (when two teams are used, this section is repeated), for each player:
    • Jersey number;
    • Display Name (or nick name);
    • First Name;
    • Last Name;
    • Player ID as entered in the team list;
    • DOB as entered in the team list;
    • Field Events: the number of times the player went on the field from the bench;
    • Game %: percentage of total game time the player spent on the field; 
    • Game Time: the exact combined duration of all on-field events for the player;
    • Exclusion: shows whether the player was excluded at the end of the game; and
    • Notes: any notes entered against the player on the Completed Game player listing.