File Format

Interchange expects the following fields in a CSV file:

  • Player Number*
  • Nickname*
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Player ID
  • Date of Birth

Only Player Number and Nickname are mandatory.

Data Examples

A minimal file would like something like this:

12, Bazza

7, Nat

and so on.

A complete file would look like this:

12, Bazza, Barry, Hall, 12345678, 08 Feb 1977

7, Nat, Nathan, Fyfe, 12345654, 18 Sep 1991

and so on.

Every line in the file is treated as a player or official.  You don't need column headings in the file.

Team Officials

Interchange supports the inclusion of Team Officials on the team list.  The officials are only required for the Game Report and will not appear on the Game Time screen.

To have a team member recognised as a Team Official, just use player numbers greater than 99.  A player number greater than 99 will result in the team member being flagged as an official.

If you have a player with a high jumper number, just included them in the team list file as per normal and import them.  The player will be flagged as a Team Official when imported, so just edit the player on the Player details screen in the Interchange app and switch off the Team Official marker.

Sample Team File

A sample CSV file is provided below.  You can download this file and edit it as required (e.g. using Excel) and save it when you're done.